Love GEOMCODE: Minimalist Spheres Explained

Geomcodes... words hidden as geometric shapes.

A Geomcode is a geometric visual expression of an encoded message.

The graphic below is a geocode that says “Love” using binary code as the foundation. Binary code utilizes an 8 number sequence made up of zeros and ones to represent a letter of the alphabet.

Each of the circles in this graphic are split down the middle. Each of the white lines/rectangles on the left side of each circle represent a 0, and each of the lines/rectangles on the right side of each circle represent a 1. Moving from top to bottom of the top left circle, we can identify the following pattern: 01101100 which equals the letter L in binary code. The top right circle's pattern is 01101111 = O, the bottom left circle is 01110110 = V, and bottom right circle 01100101 = E.

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