Our Story

The name

The name refers to pursuing the inspired life.


Elusive Society was established in Urbana, IL as an independent creative studio in 2015 with a focus on premium headwear by artist/entrepreneur JW Martin. Growing quickly through the use of premium fabrics and an emphasis on high quality detailing combined with limited edition collaborations with artists, bands, labels, and brands, Elusive Society has a become a sought after provider of small batch full-custom premium headwear and custom embroidery on in-stock products.

JW has owned multiple businesses in the clothing and skateboard industry over the last 30 years.

What we do

We provide an inexpensive and fast solution to small batch full-custom premium headwear as well as custom embroidery on in-stock products.

We produce our hats by designing, sourcing the materials, and contracting a small batch factory. We decorate the front of our hats in-house through embroidery or hand sewn leather or woven patch.