What are Geomcodes?

Geometry + enconding = Geomcodes

Geomcodes are a geometric visual expression of encoded messages.

JW Martin developed Geomcodes in 2009 as a subgenre in conceptual art and design and began using them in his paintings and illustrated prints. JW first started with inspiration from braille, and quickly applied various techniques to represent numerical alphabet ciphers, morse code, binary code, IBM punchcard code and any other encoding he discovered.

The above painting is one of his first attempts to translate a braille pattern into another geometric shape. You can decode the painting above by simply placing a dot on the corner of each of the geometric shapes at the top of the painting and that will reveal the word "dreamer" in braille.

Inspired to explore the concept further, JW moved onto creating minimalist geometric patterns to express words encoded through multiple traditional encoding methods. The graphic below is his first attempt at creating a wallpaper design from binary code.

The pattern is made up of 4 columns of geometric waves and dots. Each column is 8 waves/characters long, and each column represents a letter in binary code. The dots on the left side of the column represent 0 and the dots on the right represent 1. In binary code, this pattern says "love".

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